Democratic Dicom Server
The best dicom solution for free.
To realize a new democratization of dicom networks.

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Dicom Server and Client. Free!

Store , Query , Move , Jpeg Convert , Worklist , Import/Export , Wado(WL/WW)

*Android App: Free.

*Windows,macOS,Linux App: 2 years Free.

Multi Device

OS : Windows,macOS,Linux,Android

Machine : PC , Tablet , Smart Phone , Embedded device( Raspberry pi 2,3)

Each of these devices has almost full functions.

Easy Install

You just need to install JRE(Java Runtime ver8) or JDK and application zip file, then a few steps.

Android : install from Google Play

You don't need to install database system and web server. They are embedded into this software.

If you don't have any dicom files in order to evaluate the performance, you can add hundreds of thousands of dicom files created on Optional page.

Responsible Web Interface

Common GUI on web browser, also Android smart phone.

You can use it on other remote devices.

Customizable Table Format

Patient , Study , Series , Image tables are customizable.

visible/invisible , order

Dicom Power Editor

You can easily edit Dicom tag structures.

Backup Storage Synchronization

Secondary dicom storage directory is synchronized with the master.

Good solution for patient's ID duplication problem.

One of the teleradiology problems is ID duplication on database,because patient's ID is not unique.

This database can deal with same patient's ID as different one. The database index considers the institution name.

Worklist server and client is valuable.

There are few worklist servers that are free and easy to use.

You can also use worklist server and client when to convert jpeg to dicom.

Scalability and Simple Data Structure

The structure of the stored directory is simple. Sub directory name is year+month.

If you made symbolic link to stored sub directory, you could attach another storage disk easily.


Democrtic Dicom Server ver1.1.0.0

What's new

Windows,Linux,macOS installer file : (2.9Mbyte)

how to update? How to use. 1.11 update appliation version

(old version :

Android app : Google Play

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