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Raspberry pi 2 or 3 (Raspbian OS) perfect setup guide

2. How to setup raspberry pi + two usb hard disks

2.1 brun image file to micro sd card

2.2 format two hard disks

2.3 how to connect two hard disks

2.4 how to find ip address

2.5 apt-get

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install exfat-fuse exfat-utils ntfs-3g

2.2 how to use SSH

2.3 disable wifi , static ip address.

2.4 time zone

2.5 create /home/pi/dhm/dpj directory

cd /home/pi
mkdir dhm
cd dhm
mkdir dpj
cd dpj
mkdir dpjApp

2.6 JDK install

2.7 application install

2.8 auto start

crontab -e

(select editor and write to bottom . e.g. user=pi group=pi)

@reboot HMDIR=$HOME;sudo chown -R pi.pi $HMDIR/dhm;chmod -R 777 $HMDIR/dhm;sudo $HMDIR/dhm/dpj/dpjApp/softwareupdate.sh;$HMDIR/dhm/dpj/dpjApp/run.sh
(save file)
sudo reboot

Application will be started automatically. you are already ready for using command on web browser.

2.9 set "MyIp"

you should set "MyIp" on config page in order to use from other device.

2.10 mount hard disks and create ram disk

you have to find PARTUUID in order to use usb disks statically.

2.11 sample dicom files